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  • Custom wooden soles
    Custom wooden soles
  • Bring your design to life
    Bring your design to life

Whether you are a start-up direct-to-consumer brand or an established fashion label, we can assist you with development and manufacturing to bring new shoes to market.

Send us your design or choose one of our models. After review of your technical specifications for the upper, midsole and outsole of your model, we will advise you if we can manufacture your model. If we can, we will bring your concepts to reality by creating samples. If we cannot because of various factors (e.g. not specialised in your model, delivery time, price, access to material, etc. ) we will direct you to one of our partners.

Price: The technical “spec” for your model will allow us to give an estimate of the costs of production. Once you approve the sample, we will be able to provide an accurate price for your order.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): We have no MOQ for products made in our factory. But remember that small orders can be more expensive (production costs, shipping costs, import duties, etc.).

Time: Depending the design we need 2-3 weeks to make a sample. Air freight takes 4-8 days and ocean freight takes 4-6 weeks.