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About Us

Our story explains who we are. We make wooden heels and shoes for professionals and consumers. We have no minimum order quantity.

We source the wood from suppliers we can trace the supply chain. For some models, we collect old tyres and recycle them in our factory to make the outsoles.

The way we work is straightforward. Starting with the client’s brief, the wood is selected and then a modelling office creates the last followed by the sole, which is then machined.

When we make shoes (sole + upper), the client can either provide the materials to use or ask us to source them. Any finishing on the wood and upper is possible (laser engraving, colour, etc.).

Whether it is 1 pair or 10 000 pairs you need, contact us to discuss your project.

Some Team Members


Team Leader

The coach who whispers the right words that keep everyone happy.


The Runner

He is responsible for the smooth running of operations.


Logistics & Procurement

He makes sure that we have all we need to fulfill clients’ wishes.


Tyre Recycler

He turns old tyres into outsoles.

Mr Nyam

Dream Maker

Our in-house maître bottier. Nothing happens without him, except when he is unwell.


Master Clogger

One of our maître sabotiers.


Factory Manager

His job title says it all.