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Making inspired Japanese sandals in Africa? What a crazy thing to do! And yet we did and still do. In fact, this model is the second clog we created after the first one, the Cecil. Years later, the Japanese Sandal remains one of our best sellers.

How did it happen?

When we created OMES, one of our co-founders had studied Japanese and knew well the fashion trends in Asia. After the creation of the Cecil, we were looking for a clog sandal that would be bold, eye-catching and elegant, for fashion conscious women.

Inspired by the Japanese sandal worn by the samurais and geisha centuries ago, we revisited the design to make it more contemporary.

From the beginning, the model was a hit. We run out of stock and our financial guys were happy. But from an engineering perspective, it was a nightmare. The model had been designed by a European mind but sold in Africa with its particular environment.

The wood used was very light but fragile. The sandal broke easily on the rocky roads. Most customers returned their shoes after wearing them once or twice.

It took us 14 months and many prototypes to find a model that solved all the technical issues and allowed us to sell this model around the world.

Today we can tell with confidence that wherever and whenever you wear a pair of OMES Japanese Sandals, you will proudly stand out from the crowd.

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