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Cecil Sandal Brown

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The Cecil is the first product manufactured in our factory.

In the streets of Douala, we had noticed that the majority of women worn sandals made of plastic. Those of a certain age or weight complained of back pain. The obvious solution was to produce a sandal with an ergonomic design, orthopedic style.

The first batches of production were a failure. Rather than being comfortable, the sandal hurt. The technicians did not know how to sand the insoles without altering the shape!

It took months of training to get the perfect ergonomic shape. Another few months to learn what kind of tire could be recycled for our purpose and how. And more time to find the right finishing products to import from Europe in order to protect the wood from tropical rain.

During all this time, we had to deal with returns and angry customers. Investors run away. We almost shut down. Making shoes in Africa was more difficult than anticipated. The business plan was useless.

How many free shoes we gave away to appease customers is now part of the legend (There was this woman whose Cecil broke into 3 pieces as she left the church. How she managed to do it, we never knew, but she insulted us so much on the phone that Victor went to her house Sunday night at 23:00 to offer her two free pairs of shoes of her choice).

But we persisted and little by little we improved. For any season and for any road, for any size and weight of the customer, the sandal was engineered to last.

Our first customer was called Cecile. The first client for the first product ever made in the first African clog factory. We named the sandal after her, without the “e” at the end.

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